Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Food Everywhere!

A year ago I started the long process of organising my backyard.  This was initially only due to the fact that the lease agreement stated that I had to maintain the grounds.  In the meantime I'd got much more interested in nutrition than I previously had been and as a result my food bill has gone up dramatically.  This led me to wonder just how much food I could grow around my flat and how much money it could save me.

After a bit of trial and error and a few failures we now eat something out of the garden every day.

 More Spinach, Parsley, Coriander etc
 Tomatos etc

There are plenty more ways I can grow more food and I intend on using all of them.  Now my goal has changed from just trying to grow some food to actually seeing how much might be able to be produced from my flat.  Watch this space.

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