Sunday, 4 December 2011

Operation Oven

This week I came across the following TED Talk where the speaker talks about growing plants inside her New York city apartment using a hydroponic system made out of recycled coke bottles.  I really wanted to make one of these systems because it looked cool but then I looked out the window and saw this area outside that gets all day sun, growing an impressive amount of rubbish and I thought "you really should start there."

Meanwhile about 3 months ago the oven in the flat stopped working with the digital display choosing to display gibberish and it refusing to turn on.  My flat itself is awesome and really cheap and I want to maintain a good relationship with the landlord on the theory that if I keep him happy I believe he will just leave me alone and continue to forget to charge me market rates for the place.

However one of the terms of the tenancy agreement is that I have to maintain the grounds and that hasn't really ever happened.  As a result the place is a disgrace with what once might have been a cool garden now a mess.  I have been meaning to do something about it and the landlord has been hinting but until today it has been put in the todo pile.  If I want to hit him up for a new oven then I may as well do my end of the deal.

The first step is to get rid of the existing abomination.

 Now I can finally start to see what I'm dealing with.

Nek Minnit

The eventual goal for this small area is to grow some food.  If I am going to be maintaining grounds then I'm going to be using it to make food that I can eat rather than planting and weeding pretty flowers.

Over the next few days I'll reveal my next steps for this area...

In the meantime, with Wikipedia telling me that putting food scraps in landfills creates methane problems and that methane is a greenhouse gas 72 times stronger than CO2, my continuing to throw away food waste is really only driven by lazyness.  Since I'm trying to be less of a piece of shit these days I've started composting.  We used to do this in Dunedin when we had to pay for rubbish bags but since moving to Auckland this had stopped.  With recycling and composting you really start to notice that the amount of rubbish you send to the landfill plummets.

Compost is also awesome for growing things and can contain heaps of nutrients that plants love to eat.  In a few months I'll be able to start feeding plants my waste then I can eat the plants... cunning.

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